Monday, June 27, 2011

working proofs

Some of the panels will pair up like these ones shown. This particular pairing features original old film footage of the last tram in Pt Chev (supplied by historical society), historic image of people camping at Coyle Park, painting of bush from Pasadena School, drawing of the Old Homestead from Pt Chevalier School, photograph of beach, part of painting based on reef by volunteer, Maori pattern supplied by volunteer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Last chance to send in images to be part of artwork

OK guys, this is your absolute last chance to send in any Pt Chevalier related imagery (drawings, painting, photos, craftworks, etc). Email good quality images to by the end of the Saturday (5pm 25 June). 
Am now starting to put the digital panels together. Have lots of great material to use including architectural drawings from kids at Pt Chevalier School, landscape-inspired paintings by the Coyle Park Art Group, bird imagery from a lovely woman at Selwyn Village, photographs from tourists to the area, text works, historical imagery and, of course, my own stash of related works. Panels will feature the environment, relevant history, culture, local events and activities.
Will be using feedback questionnaires supplied by you, the community, to help design the panels, plus reading the great stories about Pt Chevalier from the Hub website and the Book of Memories at the library, amongst lots of other stuff.
The wall should be being cleaned and prepped within the next month or so. It's coming...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last open-to-public session Saturday 18th, 9.30am

Pt Chevalier Community Art Project
Final open-to-public session: Saturday 18th June 9.30am at Pt Chevalier Community Centre. Last chance to bring along anything you'd like to contribute. Because we are working digitally we can use any images that have been somehow inspired by our wonderful local surroundings (could be drawings, photographs, paintings, craftworks…) Please bring them along if you'd like them to be photographed and to become part of the final digital panels. No experience necessary and works from all ages accepted (see sample shown featuring some of the work we've already collected). If you don't have anything to contribute, feel free to come along for a chat and find out what's about to go up on the wall next to Countdown supermarket. Zoë will be at the centre until 11am.

PS Market will be on. Great woolly hats for only five bucks!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last two opportunities for public contribution!

Calling anyone and everyone who has anything they've made that has been inspired by the Pt Chev region... Me and my trusty assistants will be at the Pt Chevalier Community Centre from 9.30-11am, Sat 21st May and Sat 18th June to hear your stories and photograph your submissions. This is your last chance to have something you've made, or something you've spoken about or remembered from your past, become a part of the new, permanent, public artwork, helping to change the face of Pt Chevalier. How cool would it be to see a little piece of yourself each and every time you visit the supermarket? All contributions welcome from all ages.
Do come along for a visit...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come see me tomorrow!

I'll be at the community centre from 9.30am until about 11, Sat 30 April. Bring along any images (drawings, paintings, photos, prints, etc) that you've made about Pt Chev so I can photograph them. I'm also interested in hearing any stories about the area, particularly from older residents, or stories that are something a bit more unusual (such as the one about the end of Pt Chev beach being used as a pet cemetery for local children's deceased goldfish!). Made a mistake about the market, but come see me anyway. I'll be there...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zoe will be at the community centre next Saturday. Come visit!

Pt Chev Community Art Project: Saturday April 30th 9.30-11.00am, local artist, Zoë Nash, will be at the community centre ready to answer your questions and provide info on work in progress for the exciting art project replacing the mural on the wall next to Countdown. Still seeking volunteers, plus looking for any interesting stories you may have about Pt Chev. Feel free to bring along your own drawings, paintings, photographs, craft works, memorabilia — anything that has some kind of connection to the area (eg history, flora and fauna, sporting activities, culture, architecture). These can be photographed and may appear in the final project! Community centre market will be running at the same time. Hope to see you there.